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At AJG Direct we aim to be one of the UK’s fastest growing sales and marketing companies by systematically increasing the market share of our clients as well as providing high quality results. We consider AJG Direct services to be the most cost effective way for our clients to sell and market their products and services. We assist our clients’ current sales crews or fulfil the function for clients that do not posses such individuals. At AJG Direct we pride ourselves on the quality of our customer service standards as well as being able to provide highly cost effective results. We continue to deliver consistent and dependable results through face to face sales, business to business solicitations and event based marketing. Understanding our clients market place enables us to determine which of the above techniques to use.

Press releases

Big Expansion plans on the horizon for AJG Direct

As one of London’s most ambitious sales and marketing firms, AJG Direct take great delight in developing their growth strategy. In a statement... read more

07.09.2017 • By AJG Direct

AJG Direct on Why Positivity is the Secret to Success

London-based outsourced sales and marketing specialists, AJG Direct argue that positivity and success are closely linked, and a positive mind... read more

26.07.2017 • By AJG Direct

AJG Investigate the Importance of Managing Emotions in Order to...

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11.07.2017 • By AJG Direct

AJG Direct Highlight the Importance of Building Face-to-Face...

Earlier this week, the London-based sales and direct marketing firm AJG Direct , held a workshop, which detailed the importance of developing a... read more

22.06.2017 • By AJG Direct

AJG Direct are encouraging more firms to offer mentoring opportunities...

Last week, sales and direct marketing firm AJG Direct released a statement urging more businesses to invest their time in mentoring... read more

20.06.2017 • By AJG Direct

AJG Direct are encouraging more firms to offer mentoring opportunities...

AJG Direct is one of London’s most forward-thinking direct marketing firms and believes that the future success of the sales and marketing... read more

13.06.2017 • By AJG Direct

AJG Direct Celebrate as London Revealed as the UK’s Hub of Success

In light of new research, AJG Direct has released a statement on how they are supporting the development of London’s aspiring CEOs. About AJG... read more

12.05.2017 • By AJG Direct

AJG Direct for Number One Spot in Europe

AJG Direct’s Paul Gillett has confirmed that the firm aims to be the number one sales and marketing firm in Europe. The business owner states... read more

14.03.2017 • By AJG Direct

AJG Direct: Don’t fall for these lies about entrepreneurship

Sales and marketing firm AJG Direct has revealed the five most common lies that entrepreneurs are told before they start a business and the... read more

10.03.2017 • By AJG Direct

5 Traits for Success According to AJG Direct

London-based sales specialists, AJG Direct has revealed the 5 traits every entrepreneur needs to be a huge success. Sales and event marketing... read more

15.12.2016 • By AJG Direct